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Craftsmen make silk quilts at a factory in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province. Photo by Gao Erqiang / China Daily

Silk quilts

The city of Tongxiang has since ancient times been famous for its silk.

Every spring, locals organize a grand fair called Ga Can Hua to pray for a good silk harvest.

Besides selling a variety of silk products, the Yi Da Silk Workshop in Wuzhen also has a space where craftsmen work on traditional silk reeling machines as well as a small unit where old women prepare quilts.

According to Shen Jianzhong, the manager of a silk quilt factory in Tongxiang, silk is one of the city"s most successful local produce. The factory sells about 30 million yuan ($4.54 million) worth of silk every year.

Depending on the weight, the price for a silk quilt ranges from 500 yuan to over 1,000 yuan. Shen said that silk quilts that weight around 3 kilograms are perfect for spring and autumn, while those weighing around 5 kilogram would be more ideal for winter.

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